We invite researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to submit poster abstracts showcasing their innovative approaches, experimental results, or lessons learned in addressing the challenges and opportunities related to the security, resilience, and safety aspects of autonomous systems and edge robots. Poster submissions should align with one or more of the abovementioned topics.

Live Demonstrations

To enhance the workshop's interactive nature, we encourage participants to complement their poster presentations with live demonstrations when applicable. These demos provide a dynamic element to the poster sessions and allow attendees to experience the practical application of research and concepts firsthand.

Awards for Excellence

GENZERO invites participants interested in advancing the capabilities of Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) across five pivotal challenges. The aim is to develop and validate TRL4 Proof of Concept across diverse challenge areas.

The Secure Systems Research Centre (SSRC) sponsors the “Best Paper/Demo Award,” recognizing the top five presentations that excel in innovation, potential for impact, technical excellence, and relevance to current SSRC research. Winners will receive an exceptional opportunity to further their research projects. They will be invited to submit detailed proposals, and if these meet the necessary criteria, SSRC will provide substantial financial support, funding up to $1 million over two years. Please note, this funding opportunity is exclusive to universities and organizations and requires adherence to TII's legal and procedural requirements.

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Poster Presentation and Travel Support

We invite up to two people to present each accepted poster at the workshop. Our organization will sponsor accommodation and provide up to $1,500 in travel support for students.